Friday, April 29, 2016


This is the first year for this clematis to bloom.  The foliage is very petite, and I was expecting tiny flowers.  Not so, the flowers are big, maybe five inches across, and they look bigger because the foliage is small.  I like this.

I finished the porch cushions yesterday, and made an extra throw pillow for the customer from matching fabric I bought to make a trial cushion.  I had used the serger for the cushions and I was in that mood, so I serged around the right-sides-together edges, serging off at the ends, and leaving an opening for turning.  On those square corners I used the serger to serge off small triangular corners and that worked great.  That pillow was done in no time.  I love things like that, things new to me.

I'm hoping to finish mowing today.  I had just started yesterday when the rain came.  Not too hard, so I did get my tiny front yard finished.  Next week needs to be a yard work week, the weeds are out of control!

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