Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sunshine Quilt

The embroidery is on this baby gift quilt, with space on the bottom for name and birth date.  Of course I didn't want the whole verse, so it says "You Are My Sunshine, You Make Me Happy, How Much I Love You."  I mentioned before that the pattern is a disappearing nine patch.

Got to say that I love, love the design positioning on my Viking Diamond.  It makes placement so much easier, since each line took two hoopings.  I used a wash-away stabilizer, trimmed it closely, and gave the quilt a wash.  It turned out softly crinkly, which I like.

Maybe, in a perfect world, I would have done the embroidery before the quilting so it wouldn't show on the back.  I thought about that, then decided that I'd rather have the embroidery on top of the quilting so the quilting would be consistent.  I used the same gray thread on the bottom that I used on the top and the back looks neat, it's just that the lettering is reversed.  

Deep breath, and on to the next baby quilt.



Joanne S said...

my favorite song. And perhaps the only one I remember singing to my babies--even if it is a very sad Civil War song that widows sang.

Anonymous said...

It is AmaZing Connie!! :) Tina