Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Car Trash Bag

Nobody ever accused my car of being pristine or anywhere close.  Maybe this car trash bag will help.  If you have the 2011 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts, you can find it on page 33.  There are lots of cute projects in that edition.

I always sort of hate to start in on yard work, much as I enjoy it.  I know that once I get going it will sort of take over the next two months.  On Monday, I got some topsoil to fill in the raised beds and today I got mulch.  Not too much because I'm limited by how much I can get in the back of my car, which fortunately is about six bags.  And RoundUp, lots of RoundUp.

Plus, whatever plants are marked down that day but still look good.  There is a lot of bargain shopping going on early in the morning.   If you aren't too fussy there are lots of good flowers to be had.  

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