Monday, May 4, 2015

Ball Park Hair Style

Normally, the rule according to Nora is no fussing with her hair, ever.  But tonight her little brother's baseball game was long and she was a captive audience for her beautician neighbor to spend a few minutes with her hair.  Nora really looks very pretty with her hair pulled back, but you'll rarely see it that way.

And in the back.

At lunch time my baby quilt group met at Blinker's in Covington.  It was a warm and breezy day, perfect for sitting out front.  Monday is $5.95 burger day too, so it was all the better.  There are a lot of not-very-good black bean burgers in this world, but theirs is great. 

Across the street from Blinker's is Keystone Bar and Grill, and their mac and cheese is half off on Mondays.  Their outside tables were filling up quickly.  Monday can be a great day. 

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