Saturday, May 16, 2015

Star Wars Night

Last night was Star Wars night at Great American Ball Park.  Those are rolled up give-away posters the kids have, not light sabers.

The starting players for Cincinnati are on the score board, with their Star Wars hoods.

Unfortunately for us, the Reds lost 10 - 2, but there was extra excitement when there was a fire in the smoke stacks.  Notice the seats under and to the side of the smoke stacks where fans were evaculated.  And the diagonal lines going up to the stacks are ladders from the Cincinnati Fire Department.  A couple of firemen climbed up them.

Luckily, the Friday night fireworks were shot off a river barge and not from the stacks.  The fireworks with Star Wars music were pretty spectacular.

Going to the game was a last-minute thing.  I had thought that if the Reds were out of town on the 4th that Star Wars night was off for that year.  Not so.  And, the night before there was a 50% chance of rain so getting tickets didn't sound like a good idea.  By morning, though, the rain chance was 20%, and even though there was thunder and showers at 4:00, things were great for the game.

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