Friday, May 15, 2015

Last of the Broom Plant

This is the last of my broom plant.  It had lovely little spring flowers and organic drooping branches and swayed nicely in the breeze.  Unfortunately, it had begun to list to one side, with the pretty branches on one side and brown twig branches on the other side.  Not a good look for a front yard bed, and it was too firm to stake.  Yesterday I dug it out, and the bed really does look better without it, much as I hated to get rid of it.

Pictures from Wednesday evening, when both grands had games.  It's so nice this year that they usually both play on the same fields.  Here's Aaron batting,

and here he is catching, which is his fave position of the three he plays:  pitcher for the pitching coach, right fielder, and catcher.  Since I was watching Aaron's game, I didn't get pictures from Nora's game.  Both teams won and everyone went home happy.

I was so proud of Aaron.  When he and another little boy were packing up, he said, "Good job on the game ball, Tyler."  I'm sure he'd love to have the game ball too, but he was genuinely happy for his team mate.  He has such a nice generosity of spirit.

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