Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lots of Cooking

Between fixing a meal for a family with a new baby and fixing a few sides for a dinner tonight, I've been busy cooking today.  When that happens, it's usually my favorite things.  

No pie this time, though, although I love to make pies.  Chicken noodle soup with those frozen noodles.  Chocolate chip cookies with just a little cornmeal for a sandy crunch, a big double batch.  Oatmeal bread from More With Less cookbook, four loaves because my freezer is always happier when it has oatmeal bread.  Potato salad, because it's a holiday weekend.  And applesauce, because my grand boy loves it.

There was also an early morning trip for bags of mulch, which I need to unload soon.  This weekend I want to get the mulching finished on my front beds.  Do some planting so there is nothing in nursery containers.  The weather looks perfect, so that may happen.  

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