Saturday, November 1, 2014

Figured It Out

I figured out the pictures, just needed to use a different browser.  I need to remember to be more like the generations after me - just push buttons until something works.  

So, above, Steph, Nora, and Aaron scooping out the seeds in preparation for carving.

And then, I went with my neighbor to a pumpkin walk at a park in nearby Fort Thomas.  The trail was lined with lit pumpkins, real ones that people carved plus pumpkin lumineria plus plastic pumpkins.  Above are two of the judged winners.  At the end were two figures who were counting - they said 2900 people had come before us.  It was so worth the wait.

Some snow this morning, as predicted.  I remember dressing my daughter for Trick or Treat when we lived in Detroit, always winter clothes.  Here, we're kinda spoiled, don't think it should be that way. Steph said that Aaron was under the weather, had to give up early.  She and Nora very nicely took his pumpkin and people were nice about that.

I need to find my gloves.

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