Thursday, November 27, 2014

Newest Sewing Machine

I had been wanting a lamp table to put beside my front door but couldn't find just what I wanted.  Turns out that what I wanted was a sewing machine cabinet with the sewing machine inside.  Sarah and I found this little gem at in indoor flea market in Asheville.

This little 99K is about 3/4 size and was manufactured between 1911 and 1962.  The earliest ones weren't electric but had a hand crank on the flywheel.  Since mine was manufactured toward the end of the run, it is electric AND it has a top drop bobbin.

One of the fun things about the older Singers is finding out where and when they were made.  The serial number tells me that it was made in Scotland, Great Britain, in 1957.  I think that this is what my 1950's house has been waiting for.  Maybe it's not even the first time the house has had one. It is in wonderful condition, not at all worn, and very clean.  It has the manual and all the attachments.

Will I use it?  Probably not much, although it sews a wonderful straight stitch (and that's its only stitch.)  Did I get a great bargain?  No, not really, I probably paid about what it's worth, which isn't much because Singer sold a boatload of these machines.    

But do I love it?  YES!!!

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Anonymous said...

It is just lovely!
- Sarah