Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday Trains at Behringer Crawford

We always love the Behringer Crawford Museum in Covington, and all the more so at holiday time.  Their holiday train display is up close and personal and not crowded.  Of course there is also their year-round train display to enjoy too.

A scavenger hunt for the kids has well-placed little items and they always enjoy spotting them and checking them off the list.

The river boat is always fun for kids.  There are dress-up clothes available and the second level of the boat has a speaking tube and various whistles.

Here's Nora beside the river boat.

There is a refreshment and craft room for members, and membership is very reasonable.

Later there will be Polar Express readings, Grinch plays, and Santa visits.  Bell choir in December and daytime New Year's Eve party.  This place is truly a little gem.

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