Sunday, November 2, 2014

Last Day

This was the last Kings Island day for the season.  Because we re-uped for next year, we had Fast Pass wristbands for the day.  That was a fun thing, but we really didn't need them because there weren't lines for anything.  Bengals game, and chilly weather, plus I would guess that most people were just done with all that fun for this year.

Aaron was about as close as you can be to being tall enough to ride the Diamondback, but he had to wait in the pen.  He agonized about whether to ride the Banshee, finally opted out.  I did ride it and have to admit that about half way through I was ready to quit.  I'm just not good at the corkscrew stuff.  I'll probably give it another try, though, another year

So now, to warm up before bed.  I'm just cold all over.  And yet, I'm considering a pumpkin beer, when what would really be good would be one of the winter warmers.  I can't believe that I rode the coasters in November.

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