Friday, November 28, 2014

Eating and Drinking

We had the most wonderful things to eat and drink on the Asheville trip.  Above is Sarah's yogurt at Biscuit Head, although you can't really see the yogurt.  They have the most wonderful choices of butters and jams for their biscuits.

Can you believe that this is from a food truck?  The Smash Box truck was at the art fair we visited.  This dish has thin slices of fried Mexican cheese, plus all these veggies.  Amazing.

I didn't get a picture of the pizza here, I was too fixated on the Cold Mountain beer, which has a very limited production.  The coaster is Sierra Nevada, but the beer is from Highland Brewing.

We also went to the Highland Brewery.  I had a chocolate stout, very nice.

At the Wicked Weed Brewery.  Sarah and I shared fish and chips and brussel sprouts.  I had an Old Fashioned bourbon style beer.

At Buffalo Nickel in West Asheville there was the most delicious macaroni and cheese.  Cauliflower was also on the menu, an interesting bar choice.

Just so you know, we had four days to do all this eating and drinking.  

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We had fun :)
- Sarah