Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Trip Pictures

Here are Winnie and Walt at a Hendersonville restaurant on Saturday.  I wish I could remember the restaurant name.  Sarah?  The restaurant wasn't on the main street but it was close.

And here is Sarah at the same restaurant.  We had two pizzas, one with potatoes and one with smoked salmon.  Both really yummy.

Here is Nora with her Daytona hat that she picked up on their way out of town from Daytona Beach.  Her football team lost both their games, but she had a wonderful vacation with friends.

Winnie and Sarah have three small dogs, and Aaron always has a soft spot for Lucy.

One day we took Lucy to a vet visit in South Carolina and stopped at Traveller's Rest on the way back for hiking on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Behind a coffee shop was this cob structure with a little lending library.

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