Friday, November 11, 2016


What I'll miss about the elections (maybe the only thing) are the neighborhood signs for local candidates.  Folks running for school board, city commissioner, judge.  I'll miss the little flyers appearing in the door and the knock announcing the mayor, who was running for re-election.  I enjoy the localness of them, the friendliness of the small town in the big city. 

I even enjoy the little signs announcing that the family in that house supports presidential candidates. Just a snapshot of that family, not in my face, that helps me feel that the person cares and is willing to show their support.  

There is much that I won't miss.  I so enjoy real news, politics, and facebook friends, but I have had to step away from those very things that help me feel connected.  I feel so sad about having to do that, but the ugliness of it all are affecting me too much.  

And I had I hoped (what was I thinking?) that the end of the election would signal the end of the fake news sites that have been popping up from who knows where.  Saying whatever they want, true or not.  So many people take their words as truth and push the share button and the "news" takes on a life of its own.  (Please understand, I'm not talking about the networks or talk shows that we know have their own slant, although I'm not happy with those either, I'm talking about the sites that we have to dig to find out where they come from and may not even find out then.)  But now, after the election, many are still there.  

I am a former journalism major from long ago and we were taught firmly that news should be news, anything else goes on the editorial page.  You can see where I'm coming from.  Check your sources three times, folks.  But who has time for that? 

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Joanne S said...

Perhaps the tv newspeople should show us their journalism credits?????
The are more "talking heads" than journalists.
Best job to get every 2 to 4 years---poll reader. No experience necessary.