Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blue Baby Quilt

This blue baby quilt was finished this morning.  It was a long time coming.  The strips for the log cabin blocks were from a kit I got at work, from Mayfield, I think.  It's kind of different for me to make a blue baby quilt, I tend to pick out the pinks and greens.

I dipped a toe back into the world of facebook and CNN this morning and decided that it still isn't for me.  I miss seeing the pictures of kids and the posts about babies to come, but this isn't the time for me to jump back in.  I am far from centered.  I'll continue with local news for now.

Sarah tells me that the smoke from the forest fires is sometimes seen or smelled from where she lives and works.  All summer long she told me about how dry it was.

I have another quilt to bind, and this one goes back even farther than the blue baby quilt.  Years, actually.  Perhaps today is a good day to finish that one too.


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Joanne S said...

G says the same about Facebook. He says he stops reading certain people's entries--wants to remain friendly and if he reads--feels he won't be able to forget or forgive the things they write. Polite correspondence has gone the way of terrible Trump tweets, I guess.

I like the blues of the quilt--reminds me of the little bi-weekly quilt group I was a member of. They loved muted Civil War era fabrics. Seeing those colors--took me on a very pleasant trip down memory lane. Thank you for that!!