Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Last One

This is surely the last rose of summer, blooming all by its lonesome on November 20.

I am still trying to make sense of the elections, and I have to admit that I am enjoying the memes with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden that show up on my facebook page.  They are providing some much-needed laughter.

My grand dog Maggie spent a couple of days with me while her family was in Louisville for the last of Aaron's football games for this year.  As they went out the door on their return, I told the kids that Maggie said, "I love you, Gran B.  I'm leaving now."  A follow-up to what I say she says when I come to visit, "I love you, Gran B.  Don't take me home."

She is a most excellent dog, but she misses her family when they are gone, and she misses her huge back yard.  She tries her best to be a city dog when she visits.  

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Joanne S said...

Such a cute dog. And that rose is ever so much more beautiful, alone in November, than when it blooms in June.

Just back from a day long errands and shopping trip. I bought G Keurig. He likes flavored coffee and often wants coffee that has caffeine. I can't have it. Now I guess we'll be buying $$$$$'s worth of flavored coffee in little cups. Hey, we have the money--why not spend it on something he will enjoy.?

I bought more groceries, G's inhaler (He's in the donut hole--I'm not but I can't buy his prescriptions), more birdseed for the birds (I scored a free bird bath heater at work when a customer returned it sans packaging) I bought the three of us adult coloring books. !G's is color by number. So he'll have to check the pencil color against a chart and then color. He wanted paint by number. This is easier to clean up after. Mine is chalkboard style---neon highlighters here I come!!!!!!! Sam's is French fashion--outlines of clothing, shoes, socks etc. She can design and mix and match. She loves fashion.

Work tomorrow and then cooking, eating etc until work again on Saturday. Happy Holiday to YOU!!!!!!