Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Last Day of October

What a gorgeous last day of October.  I walked across one bridge and back across another.  Took time to swing on the swings at Smale Park.  Perhaps I should have walked across a different bridge so I could look down at the venue for the Clinton rally, but I have a feeling that bridge may have been closed to foot traffic.

This morning my feet are nicely feeling yesterday's walk.  I didn't wear my usual walking shoes.  I'll wear those today and life will be good.

Not many Trick or Treater's last night.  Maybe fifteen.  I have a big bag of candy left.  Every year I think that this will be the year, that lots of kids will come, that I should be prepared.  Every year I am prepared.  I bought Nora and Aaron's favorites, which I'll put in the freezer for later snacks.  Twix and plain Hershey's.  Plus lots of other kinds.

This morning my in-box had a few emails about Christmas bargains.  It's November.

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Joanne S said...

We bought the assorted bag of Kit Kats. I handed out a big handful to the two three year old twins who came by. No one else. I separated the dark chocolate ones for myself. the white chocolate for G and was prepared to give away all the milk chocolate to tricksters. G say if I freeze them--he'll eat all the milk chocolate ones.

I should have been smart like the next door neighbors. They gave the boys cute little cars. I'll remember next time and just buy the two boys a nice toy each.

I dressed as a skeleton--long men's jumbo tee and leggings painted with bones. I did my face with white paint and black eyeholes. VERY disconcerting to customers having to make eye contact with me. My boss said "you never looked better"