Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reclaimed Stuff

After two days of working at a wonderful sewing event, I'm left to my own devices today.  I worked really hard last week to get my sewing projects for others finished before the event.

So today, I got to choose.  I started with squaring the blocks on a lap quilt but after that decided to clean around the baseboards and here and there around the storage items that collect in the sewing area.  Above is what I found, not counting numerous pins and bits of fabric and paper.  And dust.  Lots and lots of dust.

Of course, sewing feet are treasures to me, and I was happiest to see the clear foot in the bottom of the picture.  The 5/8" seam guide foot.  One of my favorites (I know, I always say that.)  For a quilter like me, this foot is wonderful for those times when I garment sew with a pattern.  One quarter inch seems natural to me, 5/8" does not.  This little foot is a joy.

Why I have two bendable lights, I'm not sure.  The little hair scrunchies are for putting around spools of embroidery thread.

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