Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A LIttle Bit Shorter

A couple of years ago I taught a class in using paper piecing to make a large Christmas tree wall hanging.  One of the ladies who took the class asked me to piece a couple of the smaller version wall hangings for her this month.  Not something I'd normally do, so don't ask, but just this once . . .    
A Little  Bit Shorter Tall Tree by Cindi Edgerton.

I had my dreaded physical yesterday, and my blood work shows that I need to clean up my diet and exercise.  Thing is, I thought I was doing well, although when I review the past few months I can tell that I've been slipping.  

I am SO exercise lazy, definitely exercise by the clock, watching to see how much time is left before I can stop.  I have lots of Leslie Sansone DVD's, trying to keep things interesting, but I'm never really interested.  I need an attitude change, need to feel grateful that I CAN exercise.  Finally, finally, it's cooled down enough for walking outside, which I do enjoy.

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Joanne S said...

I find walking to be the best exercise. I do the exact same route .
Diet creeps up on you. You get older and need less food.
When I actually lost weight many years ago--I basically had two meals.
Period. Breakfast and dinner. But now I am more in tune with my body,
so the meals are breakfast and a very good late lunch. No dinner.
I am better, weight wise, going to bed hungry.