Sunday, October 16, 2016

Saturday Afternoon - Just Showing

And then, in the evening, I was watching the kids, chick sitting, as they decided to call it, while Steph and Mike went to a Halloween party.  Except that those chicks weren't home, they were at a birthday party of their own for much of the time.  I went to Target for a book and some yogurt, to KFC for slaw, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  The others had cheese pizza, but I'm doing well on my eating plan to reduce cholesterol and was happy with my choices.

Sarah introduced me to unsweetened cashew milk and I've found that I don't mind drinking it.  I know that the calcium is added, but I figure that if I drink it at a time other than when I'm taking my multi-vitamin with calcium I should do ok with absorbing it.  I had thought I was doing ok with my diet, but it turns out not.  And so, I adjust.

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Joanne S said...

I t does get complicated doesn't it? Right now I am thinking I can eat most anything as long as it's a "singular" event. Like once a month or once a week. Two days in a row--wowza--the rash is back.

I am eating salads with carrots and red cabbage. I am eating steamed white rice with greens, red peppers, onions and roasted squash. Trying to eat lots of "colors". Today I am roasting all three gallon sized storage bags of green beans and making applesauce (sugar free) with the "found" apples i picked at the almost abandoned house next to where I work. The last of the tomatoes was made into marinara and put into the freezer.

That new calcium supplement report was pretty scary. I like raw cashews in my smoothies. And I think the raw cashews make a very tasty cream gravy as well.