Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nora - Growing

At the zoo again today, perfect weather for it.  I hadn't seen Nora in a couple of weeks and she looked so different.  Glasses - she's just the smallest bit nearsided.  And, she was sick ALL last week with the virus that's going around and has lost a pound or two.

It was good to see her looking healthy and happy today.  I've stayed clear of visiting the grands this past week because I don't want that bug.  Aaron has been struggling with it too.  His day at the zoo may come next weekend.

It was fun to see the little ones in costumes, trick or treating at different stations.  Steph and I were remembering the year at the zoo when Aaron was Darth Vador and had a light saber duel with another Darth Vador.

Nora and her friend weren't in costume but decided to trick or treat too.

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