Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Orange Today

Not a lot to say about this, because the goose is getting fat.  It's an Elizabeth Hartman pattern and very fun to do.

I saw the Super Moon last night before bed and again this morning.  At those times, it wasn't as big as I expected, but it sure was bright.

In my effort to bring down my cholesterol,while maintaining my vegetarian diet, I've been eating a lot of egg whites.  From the carton.  Cooking just a little chunked veggie sausage, a little veggie, the egg white, and a whole wheat pita makes a nice breakfast sandwich.  One day when I was going to work, I grabbed an Egg White Delight from the arches restaurant.  I removed the cheese and meat, and oops, there was very little left, not to mention no whole grain.

This diet has been an adventure.  One month in.  Always trying to find new recipes.

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Joanne S said...

You may find--on researching this--that fat doesn't create cholesterol . The doctors have gotten it all wrong.
G had three almost 100% blocked arteries but didn't have high cholesterol.They put him on a diet like yours. But the foods they want him to eat are full of chemicals--like Light Balance spread.

Now my cholesterol number is high (200) but my good cholesterol number is very very good so when added together --I have an excellent number.. Why? Because I eat fat in it's natural form/ butter/olive oil (lots of it) cream (not milk), whole milk cheese, whole milk yogurt/eggs (free range)--when I was doing Atkins my body switched over to making the good stuff and my test results shocked my doctor (and me). Who knew that Atkins had part of the equation right.

A doctor, here in Town, gave a lecture recently on living to a very old age and remaining healthy. He said no high blood pressure meds in excess--and the good cholesterol number as high as you can get it--ignore the other numbers.. He's a vegetarian as are you. He recommend eating as much olive oil as you can each day. the extra virgin stuff. whole grains. Green vegetables are best. Berries every day. Never coconut oil--increases chance of dementia. HDL of 120 is perfect.

He also suggested dividing the carbs in a food by the grams of fiber-- a number of 5 or lower is perfect-- good to eat. in my cupboard right now I have crisp bread as an example--15 grams of carb in two slices--with 3 grams of fiber-- 15 divided by 3 equals 5-- so a good carb to eat.

My Larabar Bar is 27 grams of carb and 4 of fiber. 6.75. Meaning --eat more salad that day.

The doctor enjoys a good green salad and a serving of cooked greens each day (kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage) Breakfast is berries and grains (oatmeal , rice etc.) I think he enjoys whole grain muffins. And I think, if past experience with Adventist's is correct-- they eat only two meals a day- or try to.

in any way--I am saying you don't have to eat like you are eating. I would have gotten two sandwiches at Mickey D's for $5 the egg, bacon and cheese sandwich twosome--and just eat the insides. Tossing the bread or in my case giving the biscuits to a co-worker to eat with his soup. On Atkins I may have even ordered 4 sandwiches and just eaten the insides.