Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quilt Panel

An older friend was downsizing her condo and shared her amazing stash with many of her friends.  I took mostly solids, but I did get this panel for a baby quilt.

There were six blocks, which allowed me to piece the back, which I always love.  I hope the family of some tiny but mighty premmie girl likes it. 

My friend also gave each of us a mug from her travels, and mine was from Holmes County, Ohio.  It has a picture of an Amish buggy.

At twenty years older than me, this friend is still taking classes and learning the embroidery software.  Learning all sorts of new things.  She is a role model for me, I hope I can do the same.

Last night I dreamed (probably because it was raining) that I opened my front door and there was a whole stack of Amazon packages on the porch getting wet.  One had fallen to the sidewalk and was so wet that it opened.  Obviously there is too much shopping going on!

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