Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nora Is Ten

Sweet, pretty Nora is now ten.  Her family party was Friday, and she so enjoyed it.  Usually she's a little on the quiet side, but during this party she sparkled from one end to the other.  During big gatherings she will often find a quiet spot for recharging, in typical introvert fashion, but not this time.  She loved her cake, her gifts, the whole evening.  And for the first time, she wore earrings with a little dangle. 

She had a little party with friends the weekend before.  Four friends, plus Aaron and parents, went tubing at Beach Mountain, across from Kings Island.  It's the first year for that location.  Even though it was a rainy morning there was plenty of "snow" in the afternoon.  Aside from the tubing, there was a spot to just play in the snow, and I heard that the girls enjoyed that.

This school year has been a good one for Nora.  I love the arrangement in her school - there are three fourth grade classrooms and each teacher teaches a different subject for all the fourth graders.  The kids are in a home room where they start and end the day.  And this year there are art and music teachers who work throughout the district, so once a month there is a week that includes those in all the grade levels.

***I went back to read this blog and noticed our pictures beside each other.  Maybe, just maybe, that little girl looks kinda like me.  

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