Monday, December 15, 2014

Between Parties

Nora and Aaron stopped here between downtown Christmas parties to get ready for party # 2.  Lucky for me, because I got to see them in their finery.  And do one last quick change on Aaron's pants.  

One thing I really enjoy is family mending/alterations.  Nora dropped off two pairs of jeans with holes in the knees, which are now fixed.  For you Viking sewers, check out stitch A:32, perfect for jeans repair.

Their second party was at Great American Ball Park, with the ever popular but mischievious Gapper in attendance.  I heard that he stole a bite of Nora's cheeseburger.

Baby quilt group is this morning and I'm furiously machine quilting to get ready.  I just might be a little behind on baby quilts.

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