Friday, December 12, 2014

Lost Alligator

Behind the Fresh Market, on my way to church, I spotted this alligator, rather deflated.  It would be fun to learn the story about how it got there.  There are a few feet of space between the building and the sidewalk, and there it was.

Also on Sunday was Maggie with a Bengals outfit with an orange tee and hand-colored sign.  She doesn't look a bit happy.  Can't blame her, it wasn't a good day to be a Bengals fan.

I can't believe that on this morning, instead of hemming pants and working on a gift quilt and wrapping gifts, I've been online fabric shopping.  It all started when I was looking up a chocolate cake recipe for Nora's family party tonight and somehow went from there.  I got some fabrics that will make great baby quilts and goodness knows that I'm way behind of those.  It's so easy to twist my arm with sale Riley Blake fabrics.

Last night was my work Christmas party and it was so nice to just sit at a great restaurant and eat lovely food and chat.  My boss is a wonderful hostess and I have great co-workers.

OK, I've really got to get going.

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Anonymous said...

scroll down to see man in alligator inflatable.