Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Card Holders

These quilted mugs are gift card holders.  They are in holiday colors but can be made throughout the year in any colors.  They are Viking's December project, and you can find instructions and free embroidery design here.  I was making them away from home and spent too much time trying to turn the little cup handles inside out.  Back home again, it took only a minute with the Dritz Quick Turn. That's a tool I use a lot.

It seems like I have lots of projects these days.  Tomorrow I'm teaching a paper piecing class with the Tall Trim the Tree pattern.  I'm looking forward to doing a few sections of the tree today so folks will have something to look at to help them along.  I got the fabric yesterday and am looking forward to starting.  

Rainy again this morning.  I'm reminding myself that it's raining, not snowing.  I can remember seeing blue sky one day this week.  I guess that's December.

I've moved my studio tv downstairs to my bedroom to see whether I enjoy having a tv in my bedroom.  I've hooked up my new Fire Stick and it's working well.  So far I've watched a few things on Netflex, which seems to get the most use when the grands come.  They also enjoy playing Minecraft on the Fire TV.  I'm glad I have something they can enjoy when they come.  I don't want them to think that there is nothing to do here.

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