Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of the Year

On the last day of the year, a very short walk at Devou Park.  Very short because it was cold and windy.  A quick visit to the museum there.  The best part of the museum visit was a temporary exhibit of photos from the Kentucky Post in years past.  

And then, a late lunch at the Elusive Cow in Bellevue.

Crab cakes and onion rings.  And a lovely Bell's Winter White, brewed in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Tonight I'm looking over my goals from last year and starting to work through my new ones.  It takes more than an evening.  So far I have some good goals but no real stretches.  And I want some stretches.

I admired my 2014 Pinterest board.  That was a good idea, and I'll do that again.  Most of my projects are given away and I enjoy having a visual record of what I've made.  There are lots of nice things there, but . . . nothing dazzling.

It's in the creativity area that I'm dry right now, and that's the area where I'm having trouble coming up with goals.  I want to be really great at something, or at least a very, very good generalist.  

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Joanne S said...

I'm not much of a goal setter. I do make lists, but usually of work to be done.

today--well, I am cleaning out the fridge a bit. Making a bag of apples into sauce. Yesterday I turned meatballs into baked ziti.

Repotting orchids. Bringing in the poor plants that were on the sunporch and got a bit too cold. Making firm plans to pot up the free (from the dumpster) bulbs we threw away at work.

G is deciding what pizza he wants to eat today. I just want one that is "chewy". By that I guess I mean--a firm crust. Not soft and squishy.