Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Macy's Santa Visit

Sarah and Winnie and Winnie's dad are visiting and the time is flying by much too quickly.

Ah, yesterday.  Thanks to our friends from Aberdeen for lunch and a nice visit at the Eastgate Frisch's.  It was so fun to catch up and to just sit for awhile.  We were neighbors back in the day.

Later in the afternoon we took the kids to the downtown Macy's.  We know that the Macy's Santa is the real Santa because he's there every year.

After the Santa chat, it was time for the letters.  Here's Aunt Sarah helping Aaron.

I especially enjoyed seeing Aaron write his letter because he did not take to writing easily.  There were years when he wouldn't pick up a pencil or a crayon.  He said if he needed something written or colored that Nora could do it for him.

And then those letters go in the box.

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