Sunday, December 29, 2013

Owl Pillows

Almost all the gifts have been given now, so I'd like to show you this owl pillow.  The little owls are embroidered on linen, and since my piping foot was still out from an earlier project, there is piping around the edges.  I love the look of the piping put on down all four sides separately instead of in one continuous piece.  Designs from Embroidery Library.

The back was finished with my favorite pillow finish, that is until I saw a pillow that Holly had finished.  She'd put in a zipper and covered it with a neat placket.  Now I have to try that.

Holly has a wonderful Christmas pillow at her house, a tree with a bright yellow star floating above it.  Lots of free motion  When I see it, I know I'd like a similar one in my house.  And this year it's going to be one of my first projects.  There, I've written it down.

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