Friday, December 13, 2013

Farm Redwork

This morning I quickly put together this little quilt, for a work sample using embroidery done by my coworker.  Sorry, I don't know the design collection, but if you have an embroidery machine and love redwork and farms I can find out for you.

When I dropped it off, I cashed in a gift card from last Christmas and got a pack of 20 bobbins plus 25 prewound bobbins.  I feel absolutely rich having all those bobbins.

At the fabric store I found a dress pattern and fabric for a dress for Nora - it looks relatively uncomplicated, but very pretty and not labeled as a fast sew.  I'm always disappointed by the "quick sew" patterns because the cutting time isn't part of the time and because it always takes me a least twice as much sewing time as promised.  Leaving me to wonder whether everyone else can sew that much more quickly than I can.

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