Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Notice the ice all over this snow person.  And the little bits of white around him - those are flecks of paint that have come off with the freezing/thawing. 

I moved the figure out so it wouldn't be under the gutters that desperately need to be cleaned.  Do I have a big tree that dumps tons of oak leaves in those gutters?  Nope.

Then I turned around to go down the steps and promptly slipped and fell, despite the Ice Melt I'd been putting down all day.  The Universe was good to me, though, I was able to pop back up, shakey but ok.  I have a feeling that I turned just enough that my butt hit on the wallet I keep in my back pocket, and of course I also had a coat with a liner.  My arm got bruised and swollen, but, not knowing what else to do, I sat down after a bit and started picking stitching out of a mending job and that calmed me down and allowed me to keep ice on the arm while I kept working.  And soon, the swelling and bruising started to go down.  Today, it's almost gone.

So, it's ibuprofin for my butt, but I can start tapering off.  I'm going out now to do some errands, and I'm going to be careful. 

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Jenni Pugh said...

I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt!