Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Pillow

I just finished making this Christmas pillow, designed by Viking's Marie Duncan.  Her projects are ALWAYS nice. 

The pillow has lots of piping, which gave me a chance to get out my piping foot and review how to use it.  And a triangle "ruler" came off my wall.  Have I ever used it before?  Ummm, probably not.  And, there was the matter of embroidering using programmed sewing stitches, for the sashings.  I'd never done that, and it's wonderful for those wide stitches, they stay so nice and straight.  Marie has great instructions for all of it.

I asked my coworker which colors were big for Christmas this year - she always knows these things.  She said turquoise and fushia, so the pillow has a fushia backing.  And, the piping has a red/fushia stripe.

The white areas have a white tone on tone pattern and mine ended up with the pattern a little crooked, plus they weren't flat after the tree triangles were quilted down.  Some free motion fixed both those little problems.

This isn't a quick project, but it's pretty darn awesome.  And Marie has a great tip for making a smooth, flat pillow form.

You can get the instructions for the pillow here:

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