Friday, December 6, 2013

December Birthday

Tonight is Nora's birthday beach party sleepover, and her mom made these adorable beach-y cupcakes for the big event.  There are a few other equally beach-y games and treats as well.

Only thing is . . . it's snowing, really snowing, and Nora and her mom are wondering how many girls will be able to come. 

I remember sitting in Christ Hospital on the day Nora was born, rocking her and looking out the window at the snow flurries.  I guess snow can easily accompany a December birthday. 

Aaron and I had plans for a sleepover here.  There is ham in the refrigerator for that little meat-eater and a big new package of clay and some appropriate tools on the table.  Plans for having the tree decorated when he comes.

We'll see how this day turns out.  I just got an email from Duke Energy outlining how to be prepared for the storm. 

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