Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dots and Stripes

Around the first of November, I had at least a semblance of order in my sewing studio.  I knew where things were.  It was easy to find what I wanted, even if a studio stranger probably couldn't.

And then, just before Thanksgiving, a very kind and generous older friend, who was moving to a smaller home, and who knew that I do some charity quilting, very nicely gifted me with a wonderful pile of quilting fabric.  It was all usable and perfect for what I do, and I appreciate it so much.

But, with the arrival of that fabric, there was a to-me audible, although very hypothetical, clunk and all the organizing wheels fell off.  To be followed almost immediately by some large sewing jobs and then the flurry of holiday projects.  There was the once-a-year resurrection of glitz and metallics that surfaced but never returned to its home.  Oh, my.

I do iron, I really do, but my ironing board was buried.  I have a large cutting mat but only a small corner was usable.  Just to calm myself, after Christmas, I started on a little quilt made with charm packs because that was all that was readily usable.  And I wanted to do something.  Although I had to just sew the charms in rows because I couldn't press them.  You know, the ironing board thing.

So, this morning, I did some organizing.  There will be a new tote involved.    Dots and stripes are together in their home.  The ironing board is clear.  The cutting mat is functional.

Now, if I could only find those Christmas gift receipts that I so carefully kept in one spot.  I need just one.  And I knew right where they were two days before Christmas.

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