Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Motion Quilting With Newer Vikings

One of my goals for the year is to do better and different free motion.   Actually, I think this is a recycled goal, but that's ok.  So I was delighted to find a class by Leah Day on sale.  I'd admired the class before, but the "sale" thing helped me to push the button.

Along with that, I decided to check out Leah's blog and her new project.  All good. I'm enjoying both of them.  Leah's really awesome - creative, a good teacher, a good writer .

Except . . . I got the chance once again to try to figure out the "feed teeth up" free motion that Leah and lots of other people talk about.  With the stitch length set to 0.  And I think that I've concluded what I should have just figured out before, I don't think that works with my beloved Viking embroidery/sewing machines.  They just aren't made that way. 

The upgraded Diamond, above, has the little clover icon, middle of the third row from the bottom.  That drops the feed teeth and offers a pop-up with floating or spring action foot.  And that's the way it works and the way it's meant to be.  Feed teeth up, and they just grab, whether or not the stitch length is set at 0.

I did go ahead and set my stitch length at 0, but really, I don't think it makes a difference with this machine.  Leah recommends the Supreme Slider, and I can see the benefit of that, but I'm going to get some clear vinyl first just to make sure.  And I'm sure that the gloves she recommends are great.  Now that I've gotten past the "feed teeth up" I'm looking forward to moving ahead.

I'll probably have more to say later about thead choices for the Viking machines, but one thing at a time. 

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