Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Quilt from Modern Designs

For the quilts turned in this month, the baby quilt group  is working on a design from Modern Designs for Classic Quilts, with authors from Cincinnati.  How fun is that?

What I've learned from making this quilt:  when the striped fabric is printed a little crooked, line up with the stripes, not with the straight of grain.  The end.

Last night when I was, or trying to, bake cornbread, the oven wouldn't heat past 220 degrees.  I tried just keeping the cornbread in for several hours in hopes of saving it - I really wanted cornbread - but there was no saving.  Examination revealed a broken oven heating element.  I ordered another one this morning and we'll see how fixing it works.  You Tube can be pretty darn amazing.  And while I'm in there - about six weeks ago I was replacing the oven light and broke it off at the socket.  I've been lazy about turning off the electricity and trying to get it out, but now I can do two repairs at once.

One of my goals for this year, of course, is less procrastination - just do it.  Many times I've wished my oven light worked but did nothing about it.  Wishing isn't getting any light.

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