Friday, December 11, 2009

Nora's Birthday Quilt

Today is Nora's birthday. Five years ago today, time stood still as I rocked her at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, glancing out occasionally at the Cincinnati skyline and the snow. In the evening, Janice, Don, Aunt Tina, and Uncle Bob came to meet her and have their turn at rocking.

Now she's a very girl-y girl, starting to read. Last night when I was babysitting, she was playing with a tic tac toe game when she said, "Wait, it says 'toss,' there should be beanbags downstairs." And there were.

Sometimes things happen as they should, and I just this morning finished her Wizard of Oz quilt. It's approx 30" x 36" done primarily in corduory so that she can feel as well as look. It's hard to get corduory to piece precisely, but there wasn't much piecing in this quilt and I know Nora won't be looking too closely. Even though it doesn't look like it in the picture, the quilt is square. Design collection is by Dakota.

Steph and Nora went to see the Wizard of Oz production last year, and in my perfect world, I would have put on the back a picture of Nora at the theatre in her blue and white dress. My world just wasn't that perfect, but I can add it later.

For both Nora and Aaron, I embroidered this fleece with little bears. Last Christmas I loved this fleece with the stripes but found it hard to work with. Now I know I should have used more stabilizer. Anyway, if I'm remembering right, I cut away one of the edges when I tried to embroider a design that just had too many stitches and made a mess. These outline designs were fine. Embroidery Library.

Aaron is into tags on his blankets these days, so I added little ribbon tags at all four corners.

The party for the family is tonight.

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