Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last night, with a prompt from Steph and Bridget, I made a reservation for the fireflies weekend in June at Elkmont campground. There is hope that we will indeed make it through the winter and it will be camping weather once again.

There is thanksfulness that I have a senior pass, which allows me to camp for half price at any national campground, which includes Elkmont. Six days camping for $60. I've only used my pass at Elkmont and Koomer Ridge in Kentucky, but I so appreciate it.

There is joy at the thought of Aaron joining us this year. I'm sure he will have much to say about going camping. I'm picturing him riding his Stryder bike along the paths, playing with Nora and Bridget's nephews, eating camping food. Eating is big with Aaron. Splashing in the river.

There is enjoyment at the grace of loving this holiday season but looking forward to June.

And there is remembering past years with Nora, starting when she was just little and the tent leaked and we stayed a night in a Gatlinburg motel. Sitting on a rock and playing cards with Blake. Being happy in her sleeping bag. Splashing in the river.

June is coming.

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