Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday Fill-In # 154

Friday Fill-Ins on a Saturday, surely I'm not the only one. Answers are in bold.

1. Good times: going up to my second-floor studio in the early morning, looking around and easing in, and working on a quilting project. That morning studio time is precious.

2. I enjoy my home and feel lucky to have it. I looked for about a year until I found just what I wanted, where I wanted. This week, finally, I programmed the thermostat for winter - I really appreciate the programmable thermostat and like to think of the house warming up just before I come home or get up in the morning.

3. Sleigh bells ring, not so much any more, but it's a nice nostalgic thing to think about.

4. I was looking at Nora and Aaron this week and thinking about how babes don't stay little. They grow so fast and learn so fast and both of them are big talkers, which gives us an idea of what's going on in their minds.

5. Once more I wish I had more time before Christmas comes. More time to sew and quilt and cook and bake and decorate. More time to take in some concerts. More time to just sit and enjoy.

6. I haven't seen a weather report lately, and I wonder when this cold streak will end. I realize I have nothing to complain about because there is no snow outside and the power is on and I've put the wonderful electric blanket on my bed this week and can snooze comfortably through the cold nights.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm planning to go to Nora's family birthday party and enjoy everyone there and see Nora's happiness and Aaron's excitement about singing Happy Birthday to You, tomorrow my plans include a big sale at work then some quick in-and-out shopping, and Sunday I want to get ready for my journey group, Art and Spirituality.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

You have it made a programmable thermostat and electric blanket.

Have a cozy weekend!