Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leaves and Rain

Yesterday I raked the leaves out of the driveway in a couple of sessions. My driveway slants downward and I've learned the oh-so-hard way that if the drain at the end is clogged the basement will get wet if there's a hard rain. While the driveway isn't totally leaveless, I got out enough leaves to make a nice pile. It rained pretty much all day today so I was glad I did it. When I got home I noticed that the leaf truck had been by, so the leaves were gone. Good timing. As for all the rest, I hope I will be able to mulch them with the lawn mower.

Hard to get a good photo, but I got these lovely little pictures from my sister. One says "cherish life" and the other says "love divine."

The tag reads "Primitives by Kathy. Original designs in the tradition of Pennsylvania German folk arts of Fraktur and Scherenschinitte with a bit of whimsy." I just love them.

I have a very nice piece of fraktur - I'll get it out and take a picture. I don't think I hung it up after the move and I need to do that.

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