Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Cactus

I love my Christmas cactus, well, both of them. One of these times I need to transplant them into larger pots in hopes of getting them to grow larger - my aunt has a big wonderful one that I always admire. But for now, I am always amazed and appreciative that every year at about the same time they bloom happily despite whatever neglect they may have suffered throughout the year. The one on the left is a lovely soft pink and the one on the right a soft red. A Christmas cactus is the only house plant that I have or want.

Probably I could take the plants to a nursery and have them potted but I'd still be a little nervous. They seem to like their probably-not-so-good soil and tight quarters. Guess I need to do a little Christmas cactus research. Or, maybe - Sarah, do you know?

Below is a Martha Pullen work project, a lumbar pillow. The instructions called for linen, but I couldn't find black linen this time of year. Linen would have really helped in making the fringe on the edges, but I just pulled out about half of it in the tightly woven fabric and called it a day. It looks fine.

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