Sunday, January 1, 2017

Out With Family

I've been wanting to take the family to Packhouse, where they have the best quinoa meatballs and brussels sprouts, not that I'd expect the kids to like those.

Aaron and Nora tried the fried chicken meatballs.  Nora liked them but they were a bit spicy for Aaron so he tried a beef meatball.

Aunt Sarah did like the quinoa meatballs.  Stephanie missed out because she was working. 

The inside of the restaurant is just right, with exposed brick and chalkboards.

Last night Sarah and I went to Darkness Brewing in Bellevue and the Packhouse food truck was there.  We didn't try the food again, we were just stopping by to try the beer.

Another day, we all went to Wooden Cask Brewing in Newport and had a good time together after Stephanie's work day was finished.  No pictures - what was I thinking?  There was no food but the kids had a good time playing board games and an exuberant dog named Bridget kept everyone amused.  Bridget was just visiting with her person, she isn't a brewery dog.

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