Friday, January 27, 2017

Angel and Calls

It just so happens that I need my embroidery machine for something else, so one more Christmas task is done, at least the embroidery is.  I can't believe that this has been in the hoop since, oh, probably, December 15.  Anita Goodesign Angels

This morning I called my senators to ask them to not confirm Betsy Devos.  I thought that taking positive steps for myself would help me feel better, but it didn't.

My senators are Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.  Will they really pay attention to my opinion?  At least at Senator McConnell's regional office a real person answered the phone.  Not the case with Rand Paul, I got a recording telling me to call the Washington office, where I got a recording telling me to leave a message.  I wonder whether in both cases I gained only putting my name and phone number on a list for robo calls.

As I think over the past week, my lightness comes from a sign at one of the marches.  "Today I marched with the first female president.  I don't know who she is, but she was there."

We had a few flurries this morning and the sky is so gray that's it's almost white.  I enjoy January, I really do.  I enjoy the break from yard work and the gradual lengthening of the days.  I like to count back . . .  I figure that today we have the same daylight as we had on November 16.

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