Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bread and Corn

On Wednesdays, Blue Oven Bakery brings their bread to a local farmers market, which is held indoors during the winter.  This bread is terrific, chewy and dense.  That's cranberry apricot walnut in the picture.  Please, please, Blue Oven, keep coming on Wednesdays.

At Christmas, Aunt Sarah gifted the grands with a corn hole set she made several years ago.  The bags were no longer in evidence, and I've started making new ones.  Wanting to avoid a trip to the farm store, I got a bag of cob corn at the neighborhood hardware store, and that was enough for about half the bags.  What to do?  Back to the hardware and hope that the next bag contains the same corn to cob ratio as the first?  Or, go to the farm store?  Actually, I'm not even sure that they have shelled corn there.  Guess I'm a city girl now.

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