Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Last night Steph and I shared a flight at Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, which just happens to be close to her house.  I knew that it was a local brewery, but when I'd seen those six packs of bottles I pictured the location to be somewhere else.  Closer to downtown, where it's hilly.  Although come to think of it, there are several "Mt" locations in Steph's neighborhood.

I always enjoy sharing those little samples of different beers.  Steph and I talked about whether the craft beer taprooms cut into the revenue of local bars but decided probably not.  Different crowd.  Mt. Carmel is set in a house with small rooms, nicely different from the large noisy spaces common to taprooms.

I read this week that the Northern Kentucky Health Department has said that no dogs are allowed in taprooms.  So Bridget, the dog we enjoyed at Wooden Cask, will need to wait until the patio is open.

What a treat to open CNN this morning and read about the circus, not politics.  Not that I'm happy that Ringling Brothers is closing, the point is that the news was about something ELSE.

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