Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pink/Green Combo

I kept waking up last night thinking I heard the wind blowing through the trees.  In fact, I'm sure it was the air conditioner turning on, but I think it's a signal that my body is happy for September.  Cooler temperatures (maybe after next week, which is supposed to be a high 80's/90 week once again,) windows open, pleasant to work in the yard.

My co-workers gave me two lap quilt kits for my birthday, one in pink and one in green.  I split them with one of my baby quilt friends, with a pink/green combo for each of us.  Of course, she finished hers weeks ago, but I'll be taking mine, above, to our next meeting.

Ohio Valley Quilters is starting a Northern Kentucky presence and I went to a sew day on Monday.  I saw numerous friends, and it was nice to just sit and sew for a few hours.  As is usual for me, I was grabbing projects at the last minute, including this quilt.  I forgot to bring my walking foot for the quilting, just used the regular foot, but it is fine, no pleats.  Forgot to bring a ruler for another project and didn't bring the bag of fabric for a third.  I'd be concerned about my memory if this wasn't my normal.  My sister says we are dreamy, and I prefer that word to some others.

I realize I've been pretty quiet, but all is well.  I'm happy for September because it signals longer days in the studio again.  I've been sewing downstairs because the studio space is so hot, which means lots of running up and down stairs and not having things close at hand.  Yes, I know I'm spoiled, lots of people do this all the time.  And I have space for a table in my bedroom, lots of people sew on a kitchen table and have to put things away every time they sew.

I'm looking forward to some Asheville time coming up and a chance to visit and reset.

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