Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lunch Date

My grand guy has been asking me to come to his school for lunch, so today we made our plans for him to meet me on the bench at the bottom of the stairs.  Because this year he's old enough that his class room is upstairs.  A rite of passage.  

Two of his friends could eat at our table with us.  He chose a football team buddy, and to his dismay, a little girl in his class asked if she could sit with us.  He very nicely said yes, even though he then had to tell a couple of his other buddies that he was "maxed out."

I learned that when the lights are turned off, everyone is supposed to stop talking.  Too noisy.  I learned that there is an orderly way for the kids to leave the lunch room.  I might have learned that my grand guy is so sweet, but I already knew that.

I also learned that I had to check in at the office and get a badge, but that no one checked my bag.  Old lady white privilege.

My bag had a power salad from Wendy's, minus the chicken.  I won't be ordering that again.  And, it had a bag of Oreos so I could share a few cookies with Aaron's friends.

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Joanne S said...

I never called it a "lunch date" but perhaps I should have. When my son was in the fifth grade I had to drive from my job at the high school to his elementary school to "have lunch" with him--in the car, in the parking lot. His behavior with friends wasn't acceptable. I think they rolled the white bread served--- into balls and threw them at each other. Only my son was selected for "lunch with your mother".

He seemed to enjoy waiting for the car to stop and then jumping in to eat the lunch I had made for him. Sometimes we talked, sometimes we listened to the radio. I often wonder if the bread ball throwing actually stopped for the other 5 boys???? I think not. My son was actually too "smart" for fifth grade. LOL