Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

A visit to Hendersonville, NC, and the grands spent an entire day floating on the lake in one form or another.  Here Aaron is in one of the kayaks and Nora is being towed behind.  Aaron even had his lunch in a kayak, not wanting to spend any time away from the water.  You can see why Sarah and Winnie visits are such a treat.

This small lake is perfect for kayaking and paddle boating.  There was also the new fire pit with s'mores and badmitton in the side yard.  Walks with the dogs.  Movies at home.  Staying up late instead of early bedtime for 7 a.m. school for Nora.  Quite a weekend.

And the weather, oh, my goodness.  A lovely break from the heat and humidity of these past weeks.

It wasn't easy to get up and go to work yesterday, and I'm sure that everyone in the family felt the same about going to work/school after that glorious weekend.  Thanks, Winnie, Sarah, and Walt for all that fun.  

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