Thursday, September 8, 2016

Heights and Birthdays

During the North Carolina visit, we added the kids' heights to the wall.  Aaron at nine years is taller than Nora was at ten years.

Today is Aaron's birthday.  He got a surprise slice of birthday cake at Apollo Flame just before we left Asheville.  He was clueless - when he heard the clapping and singing he said, "Oh, it must be someone's birthday," then a delighted look came over his face and he said, "Oh, it's mine."

This is a tired week for me, but so worth it.  Today I really do need to do the dishes.  I had a sink full of dirty dishes when we left, but it seemed more important to mow the lawn.  That's what happens sometimes since I live by myself, things get set aside.  And I worked on Friday before we left and then again Tuesday after we came back.

Today I want to get over to the Taft Museum and get a membership, then schedule a visit for the Downton Abbey exhibit.  The venue is relatively small, hence the need to schedule in advance.  I've seen the exhibit once before at the Biltmore House but this will be a totally different experience.

I always love the Christmas exhibit at the Taft, plus it's so close to home, so I'll try a membership this year.  I have memberships at the zoo and aquarium but others come and go.  This was the first summer in awhile with no Kings Island passes, but the summer flew by without our even thinking about going. 

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